Maybe some dirt is being dug up on the Chiefs new head coach Todd Haley.  Chief offensive guard Brian Waters, after multiple conversations with Haley says he wants out of KC and Haley is telling him no way.

In a story that appears in the Kansas City Star ,  according to the paper’s source, Waters said he thought Haley was arrogant.  Waters said after several phone conversation with Haley, it confirmed the negative reports he heard about Haley from Arizona Cardinals players while at the Pro Bowl, that he was arrogant, condescending, and was ignored by veteran players.

The three Cardinals who were at the Pro Bowl were Kurt Warner, Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin.   Waters flew to Kansas City to meet with Haley and GM Scott Pioli and Pioli told Waters there was no reason for the two of them to meet. 

The Stars’ sources said of the meeting with Waters and Haley, that "Haley began his hallway conversation with Waters by proclaiming that 22 players off the street could win two games."  That’s hilarious.

When I read the article,  I got the impression Waters was being a cry baby.  Consider the players Haley has had runs in with.  When he was with Dallas, he got into with Terrell Owens, no shocker there.  In the NFC Championship game, Boldin was jawing at Haley on the sideline for not being on the field and Haley was giving it right back.  That was a game that Boldin wasn’t 100% (hamstring strain) so I can see Haley not having confidence in Boldin at that point.

This guy is exactly what the Chiefs need.  Did Waters get used to the laid back approach of Herm Edwards and now that a guy wants to come in and shake things up, and won’t let things slide, Waters wants out?  The article also mentions Tony Gonzalez wants to have a wait and see approach with Haley, because he was disappointed the Chiefs let Edwards go…why?  You won two games last year Tony!  You want a shot at the playoffs.  You’ve got a head coach now who knows he could win two games with street players and has confidence he can turn things around and you want to bail?

Alright, so Haley may be arrogant, condescending, etc.  so what?  You don’t think Bill Belichick is a bit arrogant?  What about Bill Parcells?  Or Jimmy Johnson?  This Chiefs team withered away in the 4 th quarter and didn’t have the toughness to finish games off.  Haley has the makeup of a coach who can give them the mental toughness they need.