The State Senate has ended the legislative week, giving final approval to a series of bills.

SB 26 , sponsored by Senator Luann Ridgeway (R-Smithville), would prohibit anyone from possessing or using an alcoholic beverage vaporizer.

SB 36  - sponsored by Senator Jack goodman (R-Mount Vernon), would make the penalty for forcible rape or sodomy of a child under the age of twelve life imprisonment without the eligibility for probation or parole if the forcible assault is outrageously or wantonly vile.

SB 1 – put forward by Senator Delbert Scott (R- Lowry City), aims to establish licensing requirements for preneed funeral contract sellers, providers, and seller agents and would set requirements for all preneed contracts.

SB 100 – legislation sponsored by Senator Kurt Schaefer (R-Columbia), would assess fees on shippers that transport radioactive waste within Missouri.

SB 313 – a bill from Senator Gary Nodler (R-Joplin), would create two separate funds, the Federal Budget Stabilization Fund and the Federal Stimulus Fund, within the state treasury to receive and retain dollars from the recently signed federal stimulus bill.

All these bills now head to the Missouri House.