The federal stimulus package that is expected to bring hundreds of millions of dollars to Missouri is making its way through Congress, and Governor Jay Nixon (D-MO) says he is keeping in close contact with Missouri’s Congressional delegation – both Democrats and Republicans. And he believes the lines of communication are open, with the flow of communication going back and forth in a very positive way.

Nixon is also communicating with the Republican-controlled Legislature at the State Capitol. He says it is important that much of the stimulus money headed to this state be used to create jobs.

"It doesn’t do us much good if all we’re doing with this is paying a few bills. If we don’t get people back to work none of this is going to make a difference for Missourians in the long run. We have a 25 year high unemployment, right now – 219,000 Missourians out of work. We have to attempt to be the smartest state in the country to use these dollars to get people back to work."

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