Senator McCaskill accuses the heads of financial instituitions getting billions of dollars in federal buyout money of thumbing their noses at Congress and the public..

McCaskill is angry at multi-million dollar salaries, multi-million dollar bonuses, and multi-million dollar perks going still going to leaders of those financial institutions. She’s asking the Congress to pass a law limiting executive compensation. She wants to limit salaries at financial institutions taking bailout money to $400,000 a year, the same salary paid the President.

McCaskill tells the Senate, "Once they’re off the public dole…then it’s not as much our business what they get paid. But right now,they’re on the hoo kto us. And they owes us something other than a fancy wastebasket and a fifty million dollar jet. They owe us some common sense."

She says the executives of those companies that continue to enjoy high salaries and benefits are kicking the public in the shins.

Her bill would impose those salary limits until the companies have paid back all of the federal bailout money their companies are getting.


Listen to McCaskill (2:56 mp3)