Ronnie Wingo, a running back from St. Louis University High narrowed his college choices down to three earlier this week and on Tuesday afternoon, made his final decision…Arkansas.

It was between the Razorbacks, Mizzou, and Illinois.  Wingo said it was a tough decision to not choose Missouri.  Gabe DeArmond who covers Missouri recruiting for said 

"Losing Ronnie Wingo is a blow to this class, no doubt about it.  MIssouri had targeted him for a long time and you always want to land the elite level prospects from the home state.  That said, one player doesn’t make or break a class or a program and wingo won’t for Mizzou.  The Tigers have proven over the last few years that they line up very good skill position players, comparable to anybody in the Big 12.  I think with Derrick Washingtion, DeVion Moore, Drew Temple and now Kendial Lawrence in the mix, Missouri will be fine at the tailback position the next couple of years.  Would they have liked to have Wingo?  No doubt.  Does it wreck the class that they didn’t get him?  Not in any way."

National signing day is next Wednesday, February 4th.