This week after the Rams announced Steve Spanuolo as their new head coach, he wasted little time in putting together his staff.  The Rams confirm that Pat Shurmur is their new offensive coordinator and Ken Flayjole is the team’s new defensive coordinator.

What’s going on in Kansas City?  The Chiefs introduced GM Scott Pioli last week and he said he would be having conversations with Herm Edwards and the staff and many them are hanging in limbo.

I think Herm needs to go, but I don’t think it’s fair that he’s just left hanging either.  I wish the Chiefs would have gotten Rex Ryan.  He sounds like my type of coach and I’ve got a sound clip to share.

Plus, what goes on behind the scenes here at the Missourinet?  Find out as try my hand at commercials.

Download/listen to Bill Pollock (11:23 mp3)