6-26 Glaus.JPG Cardinals third baseman Troy Glaus underwent shoulder surgery.  His rehab time is set for 12 weeks which means he’ll miss the season opener.  He was just at the Cardinals Winter Warm up and made no mention of any issues.

If  you’re wondering why he waited this late, the shoulder thing flared up late in the season and the  St. Louis Post-Dispatch  is reporting that during a team exit exam, he passed all strength and flexibility tests and rest and therapy were prescribed since there wasn’t much pain, but Glaus felt the pain come back after strenuous work outs in December. 

Glaus hit .270 last year, but has missed significant time due to injury in the past six years.  Alright, so he’s out.  The upside, it will give an opportunity for the Cardinals to take a closer look perhaps this spring at their number one pick from last year Brett Wallace.