Nineteen-year-old Nathan Lipps is recovering from a near death experience in September, but three Drury students are still dealing with the consequences.

The Stone County prosecutor has dropped charges against all but three of the 16 Drury University students charged with alcohol possession after Lipps almost died from alcohol consumption.

Lipps’ was hospitalized with a blood alcohol content nearly five times the legal limit during an off campus frat party during bid week in September.

Springfield’s Drury University has since changed policy about drinking and no longer allows hard liquor on campus.

The Stone County prosecutor has dismissed the charges filed in connection with an off campus party sponsored by two fraternities from Drury.

The September party came on bid day when greek organizations decide what students they will accept as members. Two students still charged in the incident have court dates next week. A third will appear before a judge in March.


Jason Rima reports [Download/listen MP3]