A couple of Missouri Tigers defenders will try to impress NFL scouts this Saturday at the Senior Bowl in Mobile Alabama.  Defensive lineman Ziggy Hood and William Moore hope to be at their best. 

Hood, who is 10 th on MU’s list for quarterback sacks and safety Moore, who played with an ankle injury most of the year was once considered a first rounder, but may drop a bit will be on the North roster.

Others on the North include Texas Tech QB Graham Harrell, wide receiver Juaquin Iglesias and Manuel Johnson for OU and OSU tight end Brandown Pettigrew. 

I haven’t heard much of Ziggy Hood’s NFL prospects, and from what I’ve read on various draft boards and discussions, Moore was once considered a first round pick, now he may drop down a bit due to his lower numbers this season, but perhaps NFL scouts and personnel will take into account he played injured and will remember his performance from his junior year.

The game kicks off at 6pm on Saturday and you can watch it if you have the NFL Network.  One cool little side note.  If you check out the Senior Bowl website, which I linked above, former Tiger Martin Rucker is pictured on their header.