Conventional wisdom on Capitol Hill in Washington is that President Barack Obama’s choice to head up the Internal Revenue Service will be confirmed once his nomination gets to the full U.S. Senate. But Missouri’s senior Senator makes it clear he has some problems with the nominee.

Senator Christopher "Kit" Bond points out Treasury Secretary-nominee Tim Geithner failed to pay $43,000 in back taxes and penalties – and only did so once he was chosen to serve in the Obama Cabinet.

Geithner says failure to pay those taxes amounted to careless mistakes that were unintentional. Bond doubts whether $43,000 amounts to an honest mistake … and asks whether any ordinary Missourian who owed that much money in federal taxes might be able to use that excuse when dealing with the IRS.

While critical of Geithner, Bond isn’t saying whether he will vote for or against the nomination, saying only, "I have a minimal amount of high enthusiasm for him."

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