The Rams have their five finalists for their head coaching position.  Some names you’ve heard, some are new names surfacing.  Of course, there is Jim Haslett.  You may be surprised by who the Rams are focusing in on.

The other four finalists are Minnesota defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier,  Baltimore defensive coordinator Rex Ryan,  Steve Spagnuolo, the defensive coordinator for the Giants and Dallas offensive coordinator Jason Garrett. 

Haslett has already had his final interview.  Ryan had his interview Sunday.  Frazier interviews today, Garrett Wednesday, and Spagnuolo Thursday.

I’m sorry, but Garrett is not head coaching talent.  He’s run one of the most under performing offenses the last two seasons and while no coach has ever controlled Terrell Owens, I don’t think Garrett had much control over his offense and the mini spat Owens had with QB Tony Romo and TE Jason Witten.  Garrett is the only offensive minded guy in the final five. 

It seems to me that the Rams reputation has been offense and built around the offense.  I think the team needs to get tougher defensively.  Spagnuolo certainly ran a strong defense in New York despite a retirement and season ending injury from his Super Bowl starting defensive ends, but I think Spagnuolo is the flavor of the month.  He and Rams GM Billy Devaney go way back and that may be his in.

Rex Ryan has the best credentials of all the candidates.  When you think of the Ravens, you think defense and he’s the only coach left over from their Super Bowl in 2000.  The one downside, Ryan’s dad Buddy, who was a defensive guru couldn’t make the transition to head coach.

The wild card is Frazier.  He may be the least known, but what’s interesting is Frazier was a cornerback for Buddy Ryan’s 46 defense on the Super Bowl Champion Chicago Bears in 1985.  He suffered a career ending knee injury in that game and has made the transition to coaching.  He’s not the first from that 85 defense that has proven to be head coach material.  Tennessee’s Jeff Fisher was on the roster, 49ers Mike Singletary was the middle linebacker, and Ron Rivera, a backup linebacker on that team is the defensive coordinator for San Diego and has been rumored as a potential head coach.