Florida is the BCS champions.  With the 24-14 final score, Florida gains the number one spot in the AP poll. Tim Tebow did not play all that particularly well, but he helped put together a solid drive in the fourth quarter.  I thought the Sooners gave the game away. 

After picking up Tebow, they were stopped on a 4 th and goal at the one.  Bradford got picked off at the goal line at the end of the first half, though it wasn’t his fault, the receiver bobbled the ball and it was scooped by a Florida defender, plus OU had a blocked field goal. 

They gave away at least 13 points.

Many talked about the Big 12 being the best conference this year thanks to the spread offense, yet I think after watching this bowl season, it’s safe to say, defense is still the key to success, especially in big games.

The Big 12 went 4-3 with the North coming up a perfect 3-0.  Texas’ late heroics came against a weak Big 10 team, yes even though it was Ohio State (they’re overrated to begin with) to give the Big 12 a better than .500 bowl record, but Oklahoma State and Texas Tech proved to be a fluke…no defense at all, and look what happened to the 60+ points OU offense when they weren’t playing those awful defenses.   

The final AP poll.  Florida 1, Utah 2, USC 3, Texas 4, Oklahoma 5.  The Tigers came into their bowl game ranked 21st and they move up two spots to 19th. 

Final AP poll

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School Record Points
1. Florida 13-1 1,606
2. Utah 13-0 1,519
3. USC 12-1 1,481
4. Texas 12-1 1,478
5. Oklahoma 12-2 1,391
6. Alabama 12-2 1,264
7. TCU 11-2 1,193
8. Penn State 11-2 1,153
9. Ohio State 10-3 1,013
10. Oregon 10-3 997
11. Boise State 12-1 938
12. Texas Tech 11-2 916
13. Georgia 10-3 903
14. Mississippi 9-4 857
15. Virginia Tech 10-4 712
16. Oklahoma State 9-4 534
17. Cincinnati 11-3 506
18. Oregon State 9-4 467
19. Missouri 10-4 435
20. Iowa 9-4