United States Attorney Catherine Hanaway , the former Speaker of the Missouri House, is weighing her options as the Bush Administration prepares to give way to the Obama Administration.

Hanaway left the Speaker’s office to run an unsuccessful campaign for Secretary of State against Democrat Robin Carnahan. Hanaway, a Republican, won an appointment as the federal prosecutor in St. Louis from President Bush, a job she says she loves. But, a new administration is coming into power in Washington, D.C. and Hanaway will submit her resignation to President-elect Obama as per tradition.

She says she will be looking for a job in the private sector, exiting public life to devote more time to her family which includes a 10-year-old daughter and a 6-year-old son. Hanaway says she would consider running for political office again, some day. She declines to be more specific. She cannot be. US Attorneys are prohibited from being partisan, either engaging in or talking about politics.

Hanaway, though, does say that any politician who says they wouldn’t be interested in a US Senate seat is lying.

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