Several days of heavy rains only added to record rainfall for the year. It’s been cold and rainy, more like early November than September. Last weekend ruminants of hurricane Ike soaked much of the state. 

"Anywhere from almost six inches over there in Kirksville, a couple of other reports Sedalia come in with just under six inches as well so everywhere got a pretty good soaking through the event," said Meteorologist Derek Deroche with the National Weather Service in Pleasant Hill near Kansas City.

But there is sunlight at the end of the tunnel. Deroche predicts normal September temperatures in for the next few days.

"Looks like beautiful weather in store for the week, seasonable temperatures a little cool this morning and we’ll moderate a bit and looks like beautiful through the rest of the week." he said.

As for game day, Deroche said it should be warm and dry across the state. 

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