Downing Missouri near Kirksville got 6.93 inches of rain over the weekend topping the list of most soaked places. Kirksville and Sedalia both had about six inches. 

"Everywhere got a pretty good soaking, anywhere from 3 to 7 inches across northwest and north central Missouri," said  Meteorologist Derek Deroche with the National Weather Service in Pleasant Hill near Kansas City. "Kansas City International Airport came in with just under five inches and that was over a 72 hour period so that was a 3 day event there."

Several rivers in North Central Missouri exceeded record levels for their river stages, Deroche said.

"Pretty much all of it’s draining into the rivers and we’ve got numerous rivers across Northwestern and North Central all through Central Missouri that are in flood right now," he said. "A couple of locations up in North Central Missouri actually came and exceeded record levels for their river stages. Lots of water out there lots of river flooding taking place at the moment."

Rivers aren’t the only bodies of water flooding, officials predict Mark Twain Lake will rise 11 feet by Wednesday and operators of the Clarence Cannon Dam are tripling the flow of water through the floodgates today.