A top Missouri Republican acknowledges the party was down only a few months ago, but says all that has changed because of the addition of Sarah Palin to the presidential ticket.

House Speaker Rod Jetton says he never would have believed the impact Palin has had on Missouri Republicans. Jetton says that six months ago things looked really bleak for Republicans in Missouri. He says the environment has changed dramatically since the Republican National Convention in St. Paul.

That, of course, was when the nation was introduced to Republican John McCain’s choice for vice president:  Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Jetton says Palin’s speech at the convention touch a cord among Republicans, especially women. He says she has turned a once dispirited Republican party into an enthusiastic one. Jetton says his attitude reflected the attitude of many Republicans. He liked John McCain and knew McCain had a compelling personal story, but wasn’t enthusiastic about voting for McCain. He says that has changed.

Jetton cautions that he doesn’t know whether the enthusiasm can be sustained…or how long the coattails might be if McCain-Palin wins Missouri. 

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