Once a harsh critic, Hillary Clinton has come out in support of Barack Obama for the Democratic presidential nominee in a speech before the Democratic National Convention that had the convention center roaring as she left the stage.

Now, the real work of unification begins.

Missouri has two high profile women politicians who came out early for Obama. Senator Claire McCaskill understands that some Clinton supporters wanted their candidate as the vice presidential nominee. McCaskill says that, in the end, those who supported Hillary Clinton will find much to like in Barack Obama. She predicts a "remarkable coming together" by the end of the convention.

State Auditor Susan Montee has been campaigning for Obama for a year. She believes the dissension between the Obama and Clinton camps has been overblown, largely a creation of the news media eager for a good storyline this week. Montee says Obama supporters, especially the women who came out for his campaign, have reached out to Clinton supporters…stressing the issues Clinton campaigned on.

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