With gas prices averaging 75 cents more than last year and the growing popularity of vacationing at home or in your hometown you might assume Missouri tourism is down, but Interim tourism director Bob Smith said tourism is doing really well this year.

"We feel like we are holding our own and actually above average with the two coasts," Smith said. "In other words we’re kind of we are in a safety spot here in Missouri we are accessible to everyone."

Mother Nature is keeping more Missourians and out of state travelers at home than the economy, Smith said.

"I think a real good example of that is one of the areas where we’re down more than anywhere is our state park visitation and course that is so weather related," he said. "I don’t when you last put a tent up in the rain but it’s not a lot of fun."

Lodging revenue, an indicator of how many people are staying in hotels across the state is up three percent so far this year.

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