The reviews are in and they’re good. Of course, they’re also biased.

Missouri delegates to the Democratic National Convention in Denver were thrilled that Senator Claire McCaskill got some prime time exposure, delivering the address prior to a speech by Michelle Obama to the convention.

McCaskill wasted little time in extolling the virtues of her state. She wove a comparison of her family’s story into the story of Barack and Michelle Obama. McCaskill told the crowd that Barack and Michelle Obama have an understanding of the American dream, because they have lived it. She stated that the Bush years have nearly destroyed that dream and that Obama could restore it.

After McCaskill, Michelle Obama took the stage and delivered a speech many regard as important to dispel a negative image of Barack Obama’s wife.

Former Senator Jean Carnahan says such steps are necessary at times. Carnahan says all candidates stumble during campaigns and must pick themselves back up and move on. Carnahan believes some of Michelle Obama’s statements have been taken out of context and that the country hasn’t gotten to know the wife of Barack Obama. She says the speech was a good beginning.

State Democratic Committee Vice Chairman Yolanda Wheat was impressed. Wheat dismisses suggestions that Michelle Obama has a negative image, saying that largely is a media creation.

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