The Beijing Summer Olympics have come to a close and the biggest story of the Olympics comes from Michael Phelps incredible eight gold medal run.  However, there’s a women in Monett who can provide just as much inspiration for aspiring swimmers.

Wally Kennedy of the Joplin Globe has a great story on Virginia Fuldner who as a 17 year old remembered standing on the podium to receive her gold and bronze medals of the 1964 Olympics.

This coming from a girl who didn’t start swimming until she was nine years old.  The story talks about dedication and setting achievable goals for yourself and believing you can do anything if you put your mind to it.

Her story goes much further than that.  It continues about how Fuldner help build a very successful swim program in the Monett community and now as she and her husband retire to spend more time with their two grand kids, you learn how much their swim program and community will miss her involvement.