The goal of the Kansas City Chiefs offense this week was to play into the third quarter and put some points on the board.  Give them credit for making one out of two.  The Chiefs were shutout in Miami 24-0 and the offense is nowhere near ready for the season opener in New England.

Brodie Croyle in his defense was rattled back there most of the game.  He was sacked five times, but when he did have time to throw, he wouldn’t get rid of the football.  Croyle finished the night 12 of 21 for 101 yards and one interception right into the hands of a Miami defender. Croyle also fumbled at the Chiefs 24 leading to a Miami touchdown.

Larry Johnson didn’t have many holes either.  He had 36 yards and 13 carries and his longest run was 13 yards.  Take out that run and its 23 yards on 12 carries, less than two per attempt.  To make matters worse, when the Chiefs put together a drive in the third, Johnson was stuffed twice at the goal line and the Chiefs were turned away.

After the game, head coach Herm Edwards said, "I think these guys are embarrassed about how they played, and why it happened, I don’t know. It’s not like we didn’t prepare. It’s not like they didn’t want to play well."

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