It’s not just school buses that motorists have to watch out for now.

The standard warnings are issued at this time of year—watch for school buses. Be ready to stop when you spot he flashing lights and see the stop sign flop out from the side of the bus. So on and so forth.

But there’s somebody else to watch out for—-high school student drivers right after school lets out in the afternoon. Highway Patrol Captain says the most dangerous time of day for drivers younger than 21 is between three-and-four in the afternoon. "There’s a lot of distractions during that time of day….Other drivers need to be aware of that and those drivers need to be a little more cautious," he says.

And, he says, they’re usually in a hurry, too. He says they’re rushing to their jobs or to their homes, or to the place where they hang out with buddies…They might be talking on the cell phone…text-messaging—all kinds of things that distract from driving, regardless of the driver’s age, when they should be focusing on operating their vehicle.

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