Getting ready for middle school to begin doesn’t have to be hard on students or parents.  The transition from elementary to middle school is a big jump for most students.

In middle school students are held more accountable for their work, their behavior and their time, said Todd Fuller, spokesman with the Missouri State Teacher’s Association. To help with the transition parents should show an interest in what their student is doing at school.

"Getting specific with questions when you ask your kids because if you say what did you learn today or how was your day, which is even a more larger broad question you’re going to get the answer back always oh it was fine," he said. "So if you can be specific you can start to hone in on more specific answers."

Getting extensive answers might seem easier said than done, but Fuller said parents should continue to ask because it shows they’re really interested in their student’s academic performance.

It helps students realize they aren’t just going to school that other people are paying attention to what they’re doing and want them to succeed, Fuller said.

Other tips for a successful transition are available in the MSTA’s Tips for Parents booklet.

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