We saw it happen so many times last year.  The team would start off with a good opening drive and from that point on, the offense would go three, four or five series with penalties that killed drives and three and outs.  We’ve seen that trend again with Brodie Croyle, but running back Larry Johnson says don’t worry.

While Johnson said as a team you always want to be able to move the football and score, but at the same time it’s important to point out that the Chiefs don’t want to give away all of their secrets just two games into the preseason.

Johnson was saying that many times in exhibition games, teams will try to work on different aspects of their game and not plan for a particular team.  What Johnson was trying to say was that the team wanted to work on their running game in their 27-17 loss and after the game, the consensus from Johnson and head coach Herm Edwards was that the team did show improvement in their running game.

So while the team stalled out a few times and had a penalty back them up out of the red zone which led to one of their two field goals, it’s no time to panic that the offense won’t be able to move the football.

Johnson is excited about the holes being opened up by the offensive line and quarterback Brodie Croyle says the line gave him plenty of time to throw.

Listen to Johnson and Croyle discuss the game from Saturday.

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