A cut fence line might be behind the murder of a southwest Missouri man. Prosecutors have charged Charles Barnes, John Hamrick’s neighbir with his murder.

Hamrick went missing on Tuesday and was found Friday on Charles Barnes’ property. The two had been fighting for more than a year over a small piece of property, said Hamrick’s daughter, Sherrie Hake.

The deeded property is between Barnes’ property and Hamrick’s. It’s like a large driveway because it goes back to that cemetery. Barnes put up a fence that should not have been there, Hake said and it was cut.

"I would have never ever dreamed that it would have escalated to even remotely to this area," she said.  

Police found a path of glass from Hamrick’s truck on Barnes property, which lead right to his home.  

The Wright County Prosecutor has charged Barnes’ with second degree murder, armed criminal action and abandonment of a corpse.