The Royals played the Yankees  to 13 innings yesterday, eventually dropping the game 2-3 with a walk-off base hit from Brett Gardner to bring Robinson Cano in to score after almost five hours of play.

"It’s a walk off, it’s a base hit and David didn’t position himself shallow enough in left field to make a play at home plate. It wasn’t even close." Royals manager Trey Hillman said.

Alex Gordon hit a solo homerun to left field in the top of the second inning to start things off for the Kansas City, but it was not enough to rally the team for the win.

Cano hit a triple to bring home Alex Rodriguez before a wild pitch squeaked past John Buck to tie the game in the seventh inning, sending the teams into extra innings.

"Today was a matter of pitching very well and, offensively and defensively, we stunk," Hillman said.