matey[1].jpg New and old faces stepped up big yesterday as the Tigers played their second scrimmage of the season in Farout Field.

Freshman receiver Wed Kemp made one of the biggest grabs of the day when a pass was rainbowed to the left sideline where three defensive backs were waiting and no receiver were in sight.  Kemp sprinted to the ball and made a jumping catch that had the entire offensive sideline roaring.

Freshman tight end Michael Egnew showed his strength as he grabbed a pass over the middle from quarterback Chase Daniel and dragged corner back  Tremane Vaughns with him for a 19-yard gain.

Quarterback Chase Patton picked up a great block on a corner blitz from the third team defense as he zipped a pass straight down the middle to waiting tight end, Jon Gissinger, for a 33-yard touchdown.

Running back Derrick Washington seemed to secure his starting position with a 20 yard run off the left tackle to open up the day on the very first play.

Late in the day, Sean Weatherspoon intercepted Patton for a second time resulting in a 30-yard pic-six.

But again, the highlight of the day came from the Jeremy Maclin-Chase Daniel duo. After Daniel became visibly frustrated on the previous series, he tossed a bomb down the right sideline that slipped through the defenders hands straight to Maclin, who jogged in for a 57-yard touchdown.

Both Brian Coulter and Jared Perry left the game with injuries.