The Democratic and Republican Party gubernatorial candidates visit Sedalia to attend the State Fair’s annual Governor’s Ham Breakfast, the attend various events throughout the day as part of a State Fair campaign year tradition.

Among the issues raised by reporters who had the chance to question the candidates was the issue of the 2005 Medicaid cuts. Democrat Jay Nixon wants the cuts restored and believes that can be done without increasing taxes paid by Missourians. "We’re not gonna raise taxes," says Nixon. "We’re gonna hold the line on taxes. I said that from the very beginning of this campaign. We want to run the government much more efficiently and effectively."

Republican Kenny Hulshof wants to discuss health coverage issues, and says that will happen during the campaign, but he does not see any way a tax increase could be avoided if the cuts were fully restored. "I don’t see any way to do it," says Hulshof, "Other than to ask Missouri taxpayers for more out of their wallets."

Nixon insists Missouri is not taking advantage of federal dollars that are available on a match basis. Critics claim that while there is a federal match available, Missouri must still come up with the money required to trigger the match.

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