A housing rental agency in St. Louis is paying for refusing to rent to a man because of his disability.  It’s a common assumption that businesses can’t deny renting property to a person because of their race, gender, or disability, but discrimination still happens.

 "People should definitely not have to settle for being treated badly they do have rights and they do have the right to have them investigated," said Department of Labor spokesman Wanda Seeney.

In a recent settlement, Amber Realty in St. Louis will have to pay a disabled man $1,500 for refusing to rent him an apartment. This settlement is still important even though the company denies any wrong doing, she said.

"There is a need for public awareness to let people know that they do have rights and that justice does prevail," Seeney said.

Amber Realty refused comment. The Department of Labor deals with about 200 housing discrimination complaints a year.

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