Beginning next year all portable gasoline containers must be made with child resistant caps like those on medicine bottles. There are child locks for everything from toilet lids to cleaning products and by Law starting in January every gas can sold, even if its empty, must have a child resistant cap. Senator McCaskill co-sponsored the bill called it just common sense.

"It seems silly to me that we won’t let a child get into a bottle of aspirin but its ok if they get in a can of gas," she said. 

The new caps won’t cost manufacturers very much and won’t take more time for adults to open than a bottle of aspirin, McCaskill said.

"This is a very reasonable measure it’s going to be very, very inexpensive for the gas can manufacturers to fix this and I think it’s going to save some children’s lives across the country," she said.

Congress unanimously supported the bill and the President signed it into law last month.

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