A stay in the hospital isn’t what it used to be and what you want is driving what perks a hospitals offer. Patients want private rooms and other perks to make their stay more comfortable.

"Hospitals are starting to look different because they’re statistically the type of environment you receive treatment in also effects your treatment and recovery and so hospitals are trying to build environments that reflect that better service and that environment that helps people recover quicker," said Missouri Hospital Association Spokesman Dave Dillon.

It’s in a hospital’s best interest to listen to and respond to patient expectations because now more than ever patients can choose their hospital, he said.

"Your patient experience today versus ten years ago probably would be very different," Dillon said. "I think a lot of hospitals for example are looking at having all single patient rooms, private rooms as apposed to semi-private rooms but that’s all based upon the expectations of patients when it comes to what their hospital experience will be."

Hospitals across the state are starting to offer those private rooms, more menu variety and concierge service.

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