Many plots and sub-plots have arisen out of the primary election as a heated general election season gets underway. Two top political reporters say they are intrigued by how the race for governor will shake out.

Republicans have settled on Congressman Kenny Hulshof as their nominee to face Democrat Jay Nixon for the seat Matt Blunt is giving up. The campaign between Hulshof and Treasurer Sarah Steelman was close. Hulshof won by slightly more than four percent of the vote.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch political reporter Jo Mannies says she’s waiting to see what happens in the aftermath of a tough primary race, whether Sarah Steelman moves to heal the party rift and endorse Hulshof.

Both Mannies and Kansas City Star political reporter Steve Kraske believe Steelman exposed some weakness in the Hulshof campaign that will be used against him in the general election. Kraske says Steelman turned Hulshof’s experience in Congress, first elected in 1996, against him, a tactic Nixon has already picked up on.

Kraske and Mannies will provide insight into Missouri politics throughout this political season on the Missourinet’s special report; Campaign Watch. You can hear the entire program by clicking on the link on the front of this Web site. 

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