The work of a carnival employee goes quickly, but not at the expense of fairgoer’s safety. They arrived at the state fair site in Sedalia on Monday and had every ride on the midway set up and inspected before fairgoers arrived on Thursday. Each ride is inspected at least three times.

"We do everything possible that can be done for the safety of the safety of the issue because children are involved because families are involved," said   Darryl Glossen who fixes the rides. "We take deep pride in the factor of the safety of the equipment."

Fairgoers should always remember that the people behind the scenes are there to make sure the carnival experience is the best it can be, he said.

"We’re there for you that is the whole point of ourselves is to make sure the general public has the fun going to the carnival the whole carnival experience and we take deep pride in our job," Glossen said.

The fair ends on August 17 th .

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