The Missouri State Fair is a great place for families and members of the highway patrol are out in force to make sure it stays that way. Some of the troopers are on foot and others are towering above the crowds on Segways.

Segways provide troopers the ability to stand and look over people. “The most important thing about a Segway is people can recognize us easier,” said Sergeant Collin Stosberg. 

Many of the troopers look forward to taking time off their regular beats to work at the fair, he said.

“Some guys volunteer for it and it’s an assignment that gives an opportunity to get to get out and visit with people and talk to people,” Stosberg said.

Troopers spend a majority of their time reuniting families, but they also investigate any crimes that occur at the fair.

“That’s where our job kicks in,” Stosberg said. “We’re law enforcement and we investigate crimes and help people and provide services in whatever shape or form we can provide.”

Members of the highway patrol will be at the fair all day every day until August 17 th when the fair ends.

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