Blaine Luetkemeyer said he won’t be taking any time off now that he’s won the Republican nomination for the 9 th Congressional District. Late Tuesday night, he told supporters, friends and family at his campaign headquarters in Columbia that he’s going all the way.

"The people of the 9 th Congressional district have spoken and we are the nominee on the republican ticket and we accept that responsibility and that nomination with humility and we are excited about that opportunity to serve," he said.

Luetkemeyer said he vows to fight against who he calls elitist Democrats in Congress who ignore average Americans.

"We have a crisis an energy crisis in this country and they ignored it they walked away from it," he said. "That’s not leadership. What happens when you have a real crisis? You going to walk away from that too?  That’s not what we need in Washington. We need somebody and a group of people that are going to take charge and make things happen for the people in this country."

Luetkemeyer faces off against Democrat Judy Baker in November.

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