The Secretary of State’s office is expecting more than a million people to vote in today’s primary. That’s less that a third of registered voters. While the numbers may seem low, that doesn’t mean you won’t encounter a line at your polling place. Secretary of State spokesman Laura Egerdal has some tips to help you get in and out quicker. First double check your polling location and make sure you are registered. Second, do your homework.

"Figure out what’s on your ballot before you go," she said. "Sometimes there may be an initiative or something else you weren’t expecting so if you pull up your ballot before you go you can thoroughly research that and make sure you know how you want to vote."

Once you’ve voted, you’ll probably want to know the results. The Secretary of State’s office created an interactive map of the state with up to the minute results.

"I think it’s a great way to get your average Missourian who’s sitting at home interested and engaged in the election process," Egerdal said. "Rather than just a big table with a lot of numbers on it, it’s a really colorful fun way to click through the state click through different races and see where results are coming in around the state."

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