Head coach Scott Linehan says things are looking up for his club and they start their next week of training camp.  Players are getting healthy after the day off and after a morning practice had full contact, the players will continue in shoulder pads.

After the first practice Linehan was upbeat.  "We’re starting to get some guys back. It was a really good practice considering they had a day off. Concerned about being a little lethargic, but it was great, great intensity. Guys mixed it up a little bit today, but a lot worked out. Starting to get some guys back in the lineup though."

Another good sign, is tackle Orlando Pace is participating much more in team drills.  Linehan added, "we’re going to start pushing that here. He’s going to get some good work when we go down to Tennessee too. As we go through it, he’s going to be working with the first unit for the most part."

The Rams will be heading into the heat and humidity of the south to take on Jeff Fisher’s Tennessee Titans in some 7 on 7 drills prior to their first pre-season game.  "I want there to be a specific reason for our intensity change. And I think going against another opponent, we’re not scrimmaging them, we’re counting the game as a scrimmage on Saturday night. We’re working with them and the intensity level needs to change, so that we can see how guys are playing and competing, and I’d like us to really kind of change that. We had the controlled scrimmage here last Saturday, a couple days ago, and that was good. But, you start going against another team and you’re blocking people with different color jerseys on, things really change, and that’s what I want to see from us."