To avoid a media circus and fan frenzy around a scrimmage between the Vikings and Chiefs, Minnesota head coach Brad Childress gave former Chief Jared Allen the day off.
While he did travel with his new team to River Falls,  he wasn’t on the practice field for the teams scrimmage and didn’t even show up to the field,  much to the disappointment of a few thousand fans. 

Many players and coaches thought it was a good idea to avoid the extra attention that Allen would have caused.  I understand where the players and coaches are coming from, because they want to eliminate distractions and just focus on getting their work in, but from the standpoint of the fans, it’s disappointing that Allen couldn’t even show up.

It was estimated 5,000 fans showed up.  Even had Allen showed up for a brief time to greet fans, some of who were still wearing old red 69 jerseys would have been sufficient.  Once again the fans lose out.