Springfield police said a man, likely on meth, fought with officers in a bar parking lot. Officer Grant Story said it all started when police pulled over two men for littering. 

Both of the men in the car had warrants. The driver cooperated with police, but the passenger tried to run away. Story said as the man fought with officers, they tased him. After the first tazing, the man told officers he’d play nice, but instead whipped around and yanked the tazer probes out.  That’s when officers tried to taze him a second time, but that taze missed and the man continued fighting. They eventually did gain control.

"However it was after a long struggle and led to a lot of bumps and scrapes on the part of our officers," Story said. "They eventually got him into handcuffs and got his feet shackled so he could no longer kick them and punch them which is what he was doing during the fight." 

Story said officers also found drugs with the men. They are testing it to see if it is meth.