Rams running back Stephen Jackson reportedly wants a contract restructured so he can get at least $20 million in guaranteed money, and while he waits he continues to work on his own.

Head coach Scott Linehan for the last couple of days has really not been very concerned by the fact that Jackson is not in camp.  Linehan talked after practice yesterday and said, "I’ve been keeping in touch with him.  He’s doing great.  He’s working very hard and very anxious to get in camp, those are all the kind of things and we both have a very good relationship about what’s going on and always have and I respect the heck out of Steven.  I know he will be ready to go when he is in and I don’t think it will be too long.  I think positive."

At the same time, with Jackson out of camp, it has opened up more time and opportunities for other backs including Antonio Pittman.  On Pittman, Linehan says, "Pittman’s got the best opportunity, that he probably didn’t know he was going to have…he was able to play last year, got a taste of it, now here is running with the first unit and he’s taking advantage of it.  He had a great off season for us number one, and number two, he’s out here running the ball really well. He’s been good with the ball and running hard."