An Amber Alert that began in Independence ended safely this morning in Jefferson City.

Kansas City police said Kassi Elliot, 17, took her son 18-month-old Keynon Brock from her mother’s home around 4:30 a.m. The abduction set off an Amber Alert. Elliot’s mother is the legal custodian of the child.

After hearing the alert on the radio, a Jefferson City motorist called 911 and said the car involved was in front of her.

Police Captain Doug Schumaker said the call was important.

"What she did makes a huge difference and could have potentially even saved a life in this case," he said. "We really, really appreciate people like that, good citizens that just do the right thing."

Schumaker said the mother did not resist handing over the child.

Police took Elliot, another girl who was in the car and a man into custody.