Dorsey on NFL draft day Just a day after signing his six-year contract worth as much as $51 million with about $23 million guaranteed, the 5 th overall pick in the draft Glenn Dorsey was on the practice field for the first time yesterday. 

Dorsey got manhandled a bit by Brian Waters in one on one drills, but after the practice, Dorsey was just happy to be with his team.

When the team arrived in River Falls, WI, late last week, they had Brandon Albert, their second first round draft pick with them and president Carl Peterson questioned by Glenn Dorsey’s agent Joel Segal was waiting so long to get the deal done since all other picks in the top 10 were signed.

It didn’t take much more time after that.  Segal contacted the Chiefs on Friday and by Saturday morning (2:30am) a deal was done on Dorsey was on his way. 

Dorsey talks about his first day of practice. 

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