Senator Claire McCaskill said she is in a state of disbelief and is angry over a Government Accountability Report on the Defense Contract Auditing Agency, the agency that oversees Department of Defense contracts.

She said all 13 audits reported favorable findings for the contractors that weren’t factually based.

McCaskill said in one instance the DCAA told the company they would be audited.

"It’s like giving a kid the answers to the test," she said. "There’s no point in doing an audit if you tell the auditee ahead of time, ok we’re going to test you on this!"

McCaskill said even with the inside information auditors found the report to be inadequate, but instead of issuing an unfavorable opinion supervisors removed the auditor and threatened the new one.

She is now calling for the firing of employees at the DCAA.

"This situation demands hearings and if somebody doesn’t lose their job at DCAA before nightfall the problem is more serious than anybody in this chamber can possibly imagine," she said.