Experts said a flu pandemic could knock out almost a third of the workforce.

State Department of Health spokesman, Laura Kliethermes says the department wants to make sure businesses are able to continue operating under those extreme outbreak conditions.

"We recommend that they take the resources we have through, again, the Ready in 3 program," she said. "We have a community guide for their employees, we have a family safety guide for their employees and then we also provide them with a business guide that outlines the information that should be in their pandemic influenza plan specifically."

The department has mailed more than 14,000 guides to Missouri businesses with less than 5,000 employees but Kliethermes said all businesses should have a plan in place.

"We’re really trying to saturate state businesses state wide regardless of what their size is, " she said.

Kliethermes said businesses not getting the materials can contact the department of health.

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