7-18 msu website.jpg Sports Information Director.  You may not be familiar with the job title, but you come in contact with what they do if you are a follower of college athletics.  So, we’re going behind the scenes to talk with Missouri State’s SID, Rick Kindhart.

If you log into a team’s athletic website, or buy a program at the stadium, chances are the SID has had their full input into what you’re seeing and reading.

Rick, just returned to his alma mater just a couple of weeks ago, but has already thrown himself right into the fire as Missouri State is putting the finishing touches on football, beginning preparations already for the basketball season, preparing for the opening of the new JQH Arena, and redeveloping the athletic website .

In addition to working on publications for fans, SIDs must also communicate with the media.  I’ve always admired how they manage and juggle their many responsibilities.

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