Frustrated that the state has failed to issue them back pay despite court rulings in their favor, state probation and parole officers are taking their complaints to the public.

Missouri owes the probation and parole officers $4.4 million. A court ruled in 2004 that the state discriminated against the workers the previous year. An appeals court upheld the ruling. The court ordered payment earlier this year.

Officer Daniel Spring of Jennings says the reluctance of the state to follow the court order affects more than just the probation and parole officers’ bottom line. Spring asks what the officer should reply to their clients when they insist they follow the orders of the courts and they might respond that they see no need, because the state doesn’t follow the orders of the court.

Probation and parole officers held separate rallies at both ends of the state yesterday; one in St. Louis, the other in Kansas City, an effort to raise awareness among the public.

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