While the recent flooding in Missouri might have seen its worst, there is still plenty of damage that needs to be fixed.  To aid in the relief effort, Governor Blunt has extended the executive order for disaster response until August 11.  The order extends state agency resources including the Missouri National Guard to assist local jurisdictions with their emergency response and protective actions.  Governor Spokesman Jessica Robinson believes there is still plenty of work to be done.

"There’s quite a bit of clean-up still ahead," Robinson said, "Governor Blunt wanted to make sure that in light of potential continued efforts and continued recovery that the state was doing all it can to make this as easy as possible for those communities and those families affected by this flooding."

State agencies have already played critical roles in the relief effort, Robinson says.

"State agencies have done a variety of actions," Robinson said, "ensuring, of course, first and foremost, the safety of citizens.  We’ve had National Guard monitoring levies and things like that during the height of the flood, of course, also helping with security in those areas that are evacuated, helping folks safely access their property."    

Robinson is unsure whether the extension to August 11 th will be long enough.  She says Gov. Blunt will wait on the recommendation of the State Emergency Management Agency before he considers any further extensions. 


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