Thousands of Missourians are not getting their federal economic incentive checks or are getting far less than they expected because they’ve already been stimulating the economy with money they should have paid in state taxes or in child support. Since they have not been meeting those obligations, the revenue and social services departments are all or part of their federal incentive checks.

The Department of Revenue says it has claimed more than $4.4 million from almost 10,600 delinquent taxpayers by grabbing all or part of the economic stimulus payments. The numbers are even greater the Department of Social Services which has tapped more than 20-thousand checks for about $11.6-million that is being sent to custodial parents who are owed child support.

The agencies work with the Internal Revenue Service to claim the money before the stimulus checks go out

The reductions will come as no surprise to the delinquent taxpayer. The IRS sends out letters before it mails out the checks. The letters tell the taxpayer how much to expect and why it might not be the full amount. Some people owe so much in back taxes or child support that the economic stimulus checks won’t pay everything they owe. The state uses other collection techniques for them.


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