If 2008 seems to have been a year of rolling disasters—ice, snow, rain, tornadoes, and floods–the people who can confirm that work at the state’s emergency management agency….And spokesman Susie Stonner thinks the latest disaster will continue to build this week as flood crests rise…or roll downstream..

"We started out in December with the severe ice storm and in January we had tornadoes and in February we had another ice storm and in March we had all that flooding. And then we had the tornadoes in May," she says. "So we’ve been very, very busy."

Stonner has worked for the state emergency management agency for 14 years. She has worked on 28 federal disaster declarations and five Small Business Administration disaster declarations. Eighteen of the 28 federal declarations and four of the five SBA declarations have happened in the last 24 months.



download Susie Stonner’s reflections (:46 mp3)