With the Democratic president primary season over, three high-profile Democratic superdelegates from Missouri have come out for Barack Obama.

Attorney General Jay Nixon, Secretary of State Robin Carnahan and State Democratic Party Chairman John Temporiti have all endorsed the Illinois Senator as their party’s nominee. All had been uncommitted until last night when the final primaries were held.

Nixon, the party’s gubernatorial candidate, said in a prepared statement that both Senator Obama and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton had inspired and energized Americans.

"Sen. Clinton ran a strong campaign and she empowered millions of Americans to reach for their dreams. But after eight years of George W. Bush, Sen. Obama is the right candidate to bring about the change our country so badly needs."

Carnahan stated that as the state’s chief election official it was her job to ensure that every eligible voter had a chance to have their voice heard at the polls.

"Barack Obama has secured the requisite number of delegates to become the nominee of the Democratic Party," Carnahan said in a written statement, "He has my complete support and will receive my vote at the Convention."

Also in a prepared statement released by the Missouri Democratic Party, Chairman John Temporiti said it appears that Obama has the delegates necessary to win the Democratic nomination.

"I want to commend both he and Senator Clinton for running an issue based primary that has energized Democrats, Independents and Republicans alike," Temporiti said in the statement, "As Missouri Democratic Party Chairman, I now urge all Americans to unite behind Senator Obama’s campaign and the ideals he has promulgated these past months. Not since John F. Kennedy have I witnessed a candidate that has energized and captivated the American people, especially our young voters, like Barack Obama has."